Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coupon Alert Toolbar

Would you like to install the Toolbar for Coupon Alert site ? or just want to remove or uninstall the toolbar for your Mac, Windows and on Safari, Firefox, IE etc. Below are some most common questions and our answers for each of them is posted under that.

What is Coupon Alert Toolbar ?
Is the kind of application when you install on your browse you will able to see the recent changes or updates posted by the particular site for which you have add it like retailmenot.com, dealjeal.com, couponalert.com and much more.

But recently I found from my readers that some of these tools are having some spyware, so most of them are search about how to uninstall or remove it completely. But I would like you to tell that their software doesn't contain any script which collect your personal information or monitor your browsing. So you should keep it as it is or if you still think to revert back to your normal browser look then follow below instruction.

Steps to remove Coupon Alert Toolbar :-
Just on put your mouse in START button of windows then find the link for control panel. Here you will need to click on "Add/Remove Programs" and search for the application you install and click on uninstall to remove it from your system.

Still if you have any question or query here, Please raise your doubts by commenting here.


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