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Top Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

Top Grocery Stores That Double Coupons
All the Coupon Clippers are always looking for that local grocery stores that double your coupons and give you change for more saving. [How to Save Money with Coupons]

So Today we are coming with that article where you will find the list of all the stores around your area or in your city which arranges the Double Coupons Day and during that time you can increase value of your coupon. [Extreme couponing Tips for Beginners]

As inflation is increasing all of us get to know value of money and Benefits of Using Coupons which can help you to reduce your expenses and save your few bucks.

Promo Codes Lady team has listed top most popular grocery and supermall where you would like to buy since they are doubling your coupons. Please make sure to read the policy for each of the store before you buy thing with coupon.

  1. A & P - which double coupon at GA, LA, NJ, NY state
  2. Acme - Working on DE, MD, NJ, PA, TN
  3. Bashas' which works for AZ
  4. Brookshire Brothers for LA, TX
  5. Bruno's Market doubling at AL, GA
  6. Clemens Market works at PA
  7. Country Mart at AR
  8. Dillon's which work for KS, MO
  9. Edwards Market - CT
  10. Food Lion Market - AL 
  11. Fred's  Double Coupons at AL, AR, GA, LA, MS, SC, TN
  12. Harris Tetters Double and Triple Coupon at FL, GA, NC, VA
  13. Homeland  - OK, TX
  14. IGA works for KS, KY, MI, MO, NE, NM, OH, OK, VA
  15. Jubilee doubling at IA, MN, NY, PA, SD
  16. Kmart Double Coupon days for Most States
  17. Kroger Almost for every state AL, AR, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MS, NC, OH, SC, TN
  18. Lowe's works for Most States
  19. Pathmark - DE, NJ, NY, PA
  20. Piggly Wiggly having double policy at AL, AR, GA, KY, LA, MO, OK, TN
  21. Publix - MA, NY, PA
  22. Rouses Market  - NC, TN, VA
  23.  Safeway - AZ, CO, MD, OR, VA
  24. Shop Rite - CT, NJ, NY, PA
  25. Stop & Shop - CT, ME, MA, NJ, NY, OH, RI
  26. Superfresh DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA
  27. Thriftway works at KS, OH, OR
  28. Tops at NY, OH, PA
  29. Vons Double Coupon or CA
  30. Wegmans NJ, NY, PA
  31. Walgreen Most States
  32. Walmart Most State
Still list of not complete and I need your help. If you know any store working on your area which double the coupons then Please share your experience and store name by commenting here.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Save Money with Coupons

How to Save Money with Coupons
How to Save Money with Coupons :- Who don't like to Shop? almost everyone of us love shopping but money does matter and which restrict us to shop. But now you don't have to worry about that, Since with the help of this tips you will enjoy your local or online shopping at lowest price. [Benefits of using Coupons]

Coupon Codes are the most reliable way to save your money for all kind of purchases. And here I'm going to teach you how you can use the coupons for your local grocery shopping or online order and get upto 80% discount on daily needed products like Foods, Clothes, Office & Home appliances, Clothes and many more. [Top Extreme couponing Tips for Beginners]

How can you Save Money with Coupons ?
  1. Most of stores release the coupons which have associated discount which you can get once you use that one.
  2. So in order to find the coupon you have to check local Sunday Newspaper, online Coupon Clipping Services, become fan on Facebook and follower of Twitter page for specific stores and Join their official fan club to get email alerts. [Best Resources to find Coupon Codes]
  3. Also when you find any blog offering the coupon for your choice of store then please post your comments that you want some specific coupon like $1 off, or 25% off or holiday sale etc, So that you will get reply from different bargain hunter.
  4. Also you should join the saving forums and become active member to get updated about the coupons.
  5. Now once you get the coupon for any store next step for you is to redeem coupon for that supermall or online store.
  6. Before using any promo codes and vouchers, Please check the Coupon Policy for that store, Since each of the merchant has their own policy for accepting the coupons.
  7. Once you know policy, Visit local Mega store or their official site and purchase any valid products and show your coupons which you already collected from various sources and you will enjoy the amazing discount on that.
 Below are the most popular store and place where you would like to shop.
Stubhub Fan Codes
Lakeside Collection Coupon Codes
Zenni Optical Coupon Codes
Wingstop Coupon Codes
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to print coupons from iPhone or iPad

If you are user of iPhone or iPad and want to take Print of Coupons from redplum, smartcoupons,, and online coupon database then this article will really help you to do same.
After reading Benefits of Coupons you must be thinking that how to print that coupons from your mobile. Yes! I know that you might be aware to print that from your local pc and laptop but most of time when you are in grocery market or in mall or in station or university and find some valuable coupon that is valid few hours then first thing for you to take print of that but at that time you will have your mobile only, So here is the tips to get that coupons in your hand.

How to Print Coupons  from your iPhone or iPad?
  • First of all you need to download the Coupon Apps of mobile from and other leading database provider.
  • Now you need to make sure that your iPad or iPhone is connected to local wi-fi and wireless network.
  • Now you need Wireless printed for example "HP Photosmart 5550 Wireless 3 in 1 printer" which can easily detect your iPhone and iPad.
  • Now make sure that Printers Wireless feature is on and computer is connected with that printer.
  • Now when you open by using your downloaded app from your iPhone or iPad, They can easily detect the printer and then by simply clicking the "Print Button" you can take print of any of your choice of coupon from any leading grocery stores.
  • At the time of taking print, Please check that you have enough papers and size is set accordingly to avoid multiple prints.
 Below are some of coupons that you might be interested in:-
  1. Totsy Coupon Codes
  2. Stubhub Fan Codes
  3. Monoprice Coupon Codes
  4. Amc Stubs Discount Codes
  5. Zenni Optical Coupon Codes
  6. Facebook Ad Coupon Codes
  7. Seamless Web Promo Codes

Monday, October 15, 2012

Top Extreme couponing Tips for Beginners

Top Extreme couponing Tips for Beginners
Extreme couponing is the TV show running on leading channel TLC and with the debut of that millions of American now walk on the way of saying and really earning by saving on their daily needed products.

Extreme means bigger then the bigger and yes! that world is really suitable, Since you can save even 90% on your grocery bills from nearest Walmart, Walgreen, Kroger, Kmart and other leading super mall and your online purchase and some leading retailer stores as well.

Coupons are cash in your pocket if you know how to leverage them, And Extreme Couponing just teach your that. Yes! How you can find the promotional offers, How to use Coupon Codes, Benefits of using coupons and many more good thing you can learn from TLC show, But here I'm explaining you few of them which you can apply to start from today only.

1.) Newspapers and Channel media :- Check each and every Sunday newspapers since many of the local and bid retailers publish their weekly promotional offers and other sale event date on that only.

2.) You should also ask your Friends and Family and also keep in touch with them via social media Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for any coupons they know or you codes you want from them.

3.) Create your list of interested grocery stores, online e-commerce portals and place where you would like to shop and check everywhere like on blogs, papers and channels for that stores and find the appropriate coupons which can help you to save even more!

4.) Find out the Saving Group and Community:- There are many blogs like Promo Codes Lady which helps to give you tips of coupons, discount offers and many more. You just need to check them daily also you can visit forums like Fatwallet and others to get current deals and saving offers alerts.

5.) Register to eClub and Newsletter : Simply identify the places and store where you regularly visit and register for their free email newsletters which includes coupon codes, promotional offers and sale events. So be updated for every special offers your interested store release.

6.) If you don't know how Printable coupons works or how you can print it online. You should start using some leading site that have thousand of coupons which you can print for free and present to your nearest store to get 5% to 90% discount on various products.

7.) Lastly! Don't forget to check Weekly ads. Yes many big supermakert adn Drugstores like Walmarkt, Vans, CVS and others release the weekly promotional offers so called as ads which contains big saving tips.

Browse our Features Coupons :-

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AirTran Coupon Codes
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Benefits of using Coupons

Benefits of using Coupons and Promo Codes:- If you are consumer ? If you want to save you money ? If you want to get high quality products at low price ? then this article is probably for you only.  

Coupon Codes, Yes! you might have listen this world. Coupons are of two type first one is online which is digital and come in form of codes while other is retailer and called as voucher. Please see about How to Use Coupon Codes page that we have created to help you more.

If you are online shopper then you might have some knowledge about this word. But now I am going to explain you in depth that how you can redeemed coupon in order to get big discount on your choice of product and reduce your grocery bills.

Benefits of using Coupons
Internet has really change all the way of marketing and online e-commerce marketing is not going be even more hot and big. and In order to be there each and every online store have to publish some good and attractive offer by seeing that customer come to shop there. And Coupons are the term comes from there only.
  1. How to Build Coupon Site in Wordpress platform
  2. Best Resources to find Coupon Codes
  3. Groupon Like Daily Deal Sites Alternatives
Yes! Almost every online store regularly release the Coupons which comes with some short of discount which you will get when you apply at the time of your online purchase.

So by using coupon codes you can get sometime upto 80% discount. During the Halloween, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day and other festival all the merchants release some big saving offers. If you want to have some of that then you can get that from below link.
  1. Google AdWords Coupon Codes
  2. RockAuto Discount Codes
  3. Zenni Optical Coupon Codes
  4. GrubHub Coupon Codes
If you have any question please post your comments here! And don't forget to like our Facebook page!!

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How To Redeem Facebook Ad Coupon Codes

How To Redeem Facebook Ad Coupon Codes
For all those who want to reduce social marketing cost Facebook Ad Coupon Codes are the most effective way you should use.

But mostly for small company or individual who have never tried Facebook ads, It is difficult and complicated process to get into their ad network then Google AdWords to get most out of them. Now a days Facebook is giving their promotional coupons to many bloggers, big site owner and organization but due to lack of knowledge many of them can't use their coupon and its become expired before using it properly. So here is the nice tutorial that I will provide you to avoid any mistake in using all such coupon.

Anthropologie Coupon Codes
Kay Jewelers Coupon Codes
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Monoprice Coupon Codes

How to Redeem Facebook Ad Coupon Codes :-

Step 1.) Simply login to your account by visiting link and click on Create Ads tab shown at the right hand side. You can also see at bottom of the page.

Step 2.) Once you create your ads campaigns then next thing is to select proper payment method. Simply click on “Billing” tab and under that you will find the Funding option, When you hit that button then it will show you three different option of funding. From PayPal, Credit Card or Facebook Ad Coupons.

Step 3.) Click on "Facebook Ad Coupon" and it will show you field asking you to enter your unique long alphanumerical number which is provided to you during the promotion timing. [How to Use Coupon Codes]

Once you redeem your promo codes that you ads will be live within few hours of review. Hope you really enjoy this tutorial, So don't forget to like our Facebook page and comment here.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Best Coupon Database Apps for Mobile

Those bargain hunter who want to updated for latest coupon database must need best apps for iPhone or mobile phones. Actually if you are running small or big coupon clipping service website then giving app for your user and customer is extra level of support, Since with the help of that they can easily get best suitable deals and promotional offers news anywhere at anytime and you will also get more exposure in market as brand name.

So In this tutorial I will provide nice informative tips for you to find out the best and simple to use Coupon Database Apps for Mobile. You just have to use it properly and will get all the latest updates without any delay once it will be arrived.

List of Top Coupon Database Apps for Mobile :-
1.) Shopkick :- 
Shopkick is the free and powerful android app that will give you access to get the coupons and deals alert from top grocery and retail stores like Best Buy, Macy’s, Walmart, Zenni Optical, Toys ‘R Us, Kay Jewelers, Kroger, Zumiez, Kmart and many more. You will also get Free $25 gift card that you can able to use at some restaurant like Wingstop, Seamless Web and many more.

2.) CVS Mobile App
Now one of the biggest store of USA come into application market and allow you to download their own app for your mobile to get daily alert for various deals from CVS. App is available for both Apple and android users.

3.) Yowza
I personally like this app and all of its features. Just activate in your iPad and iPhone and don't have to do anything for that. Simply type your location and it will show you all the possible deals and promotional sale nearest to your area.

If you want some more related article from PromoCodeslady, Please find it as below.
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Please post your comments and become our Fan at Facebook for more such great tutorials.

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How to use Coupon listed at Promo Codes Lady

First of all thanks to coming to this page! Since you are coming here you must be interested to know how our Promo Codes Lady blog is working and how you can utilize it to get amazing discount and special offers.

Since We're always here to help you, We've created this nice and informative page for you where you will get all the tips about how to find your interest of coupons and then how to use it at the official store site everything about your all kind of queries.

As you know is leading resource that provides all kind of discount codes, promotional offers and coupons for various online and in store merchants of USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

How to Find Store of your Choice ?
In Promo Codes Lady, We have created hundreds of leading and small stores in form of dedicated pages. Like Zenni Optical Coupon Codes, Kay Jewelers Coupon Codes and many more which you will like to shop for. We have features almost all the category like Grocery, Retails, fun parks, Software stores, Electronics goods, Apparels, automobiles, car rentals, air fares, hotel booking and many more to browse from.
You just have to enter name of your store for which you want to find out the coupon codes and we will show your most related results.

How to Use the Coupon Codes ?
So once you find the store of your choice next thing is to browse for all the available promo codes for that one. Once you find suitable offer codes you can click on that and copy it to get associated discount for that. You will be redirect to official site page where you have to purchase product of your choice and at the time of checkout you can enter that coupon copied from Promo Codes Lady.

If you have any question or query then you can post your valuable comments here. Also don't forget to like our Facebook page and become our active subscriber to get daily alerts for emails and everything.

AirTran Coupon Codes

$15 off - AirTran Promo Code (Latest! November 20th 2012)
Use the promo AIRTRAN15 to get awesome discount of $15 on your next journey. Limit one (1) discount per person.

$10 off AirTran Coupon Code (New! October-31)
Simply enter your email address and you will get $10 off voucher for your next AirTran Airways flight. Discount must be redeemed at the original time of purchase at official site.

AirTran ( is the first name your mind would comes across then you think for low cost airliner and air fares. Yes It's always in media with their quality services & well managed staff, Now AirTran become first ever Airline to offer Wi-Fi Service in flight.
$20 AirTran Promo Code
For a limited time only! On booking of round trip and one way site booking you should add ATLAO52611CODE to receive flat $20 discount.

AirTran Coupon Codes ( Must Sign!)
Joint the email news letter of AirTran Airlines to get daily news of latest deals, printable coupons, online code & special offers by email.

Below are some more discount and special offers from Airtran that you may be interested to use on your next time.

2526  - Once you book your flight and get 10% off saving.
2608 - Sitewide few days offer! Get $25 discount on any booking.

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How to Build Coupon Site in Wordpress platform

How to Build Coupon Site in Wordpress platform : Wordpress is leading blogging platform and used by millions of blogger around the world. Now a days e-commerce and online shopping trend is going up and up almost every 4 of 10 regular internet user uses e-commerce service buy their interest products like Gadgets, Apparels, Software, business tools, automobiles, grocery, Fashion accessories and many more.

Because of that now you will see many Promo Codes and Discount Coupon provider sites and blog, And you know that coupon are subjected to expire so you need to have some kind of tools or application to start coupon clipping service website, But fortunately there are so many plugins and themes available by which you can easily convert your wordpress blog into highly featured coupon site.

CouponPress Theme turns you ordinary wordpress blog into powerful extra ordinary coupon code website and helping you to earn large chunk of money from affiliate links and banner. It allows you all different forms like printable coupons, promotional codes and special offers. You can setup it on unlimited number of site so need to purchase it only one time and then you will get lifetime support and updates!

Seamless Web Coupon Codes
Anthropologie Coupon Codes

Appthemes Cipper
Clipper is one of the best and most appreciated Coupon Management Software that convert any wordpress blog having any plugin by one click installation. It is easy to use, support user submission of coupon, expiry option, popular stores, featured stores and many more such eye catching features. It comes with neat and clean code which supported with latest version of wordpress. Different color theme and layout are available to give totally new looks to your blog.

WPCoupon Plugin
It is not a Theme but its kind of high value plugin which turns any of your current wordpress theme into coupon code blog. Yes! just install and activate the plugin to get all of their feature. You will have full right to manage the coupons, stores, new member and everything else.

How to Use Coupon Codes
Eharmony Coupon Codes

Once you build your coupons site in wordpress then task is to have some Best Resources to find Coupon Codes which you have to provide to your visitors, don't worry we have already publish nice article on that, So just go through that and become successful coupon clipper.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Eharmony Coupons and Coupon Codes is the leading online dating site having millions of members and offering promotional codes, discount coupon codes to encourage you to get totally new experience with their system. eHarmony codes and promotions change somewhat frequently for 1 month, 2 or 3 month renewal period and Free trial as well.

17% off Eharmony Promo Code (New! December-31)
Get the most bang for your buck! Save an additional 17% off on already reduced 12-Month Subscription plan by using this EHCOUPON. That's 12 months for only $198.70!20% off - Eharmony Coupon Code (Latest! November-30)
Receive extra saving of 20% off on 6-Month already reduce Subscription by entering EHCODE when you are going to subscribe.

10% - Eharmony Promotional Code (Ongoing!)
If you are first time customer and want to date with amazing saving then type EH10OFF and receive 10% off on entire package.

Free Trial Code (Limited Time)
Just Head over the login page and put the FREETRIAL2012 for a free trial of for 1 month time period. It may also increase to 3 month interval during some special offers.

Eharmony Coupon Codes ( Must Sign Up )
To stay updated on our promotions, sign up for the email news letter and review the current eHarmony promo codes for popular subscription plan savings.

At eHarmony, our Matching System narrows the field from millions of candidates to a highly select group of compatible singles for you.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best Resources to find Coupon Codes

If you are online shoppers and bargain hunter then you must be aware about the Promo Codes and how to use coupon codes, But today I'm going to give you detailed instruction how you can find latest and updated offers, deals and discount promotional that will help you to save your thousands of dollars.

So, Here I will explain you how you can find the coupons for any particular site or stores.

Interest Base Shopping :-
Suppose you are too many interested in shopping products like football, hockey etc or like to shop clothes, footwear, sunglasses and other fashion accessories, Then you first have to identify sites that are related, like Zenni Optical for Sunglasses and eye-care products, Lakeside Collection for home decor, Wingstop if you lover of fast foods and restaurants, Anthropologie for apparels, Seamless Web for online order of any foods that you love nearest to your area, Zumiez for purchasing shoes, Airbnb for hotel booking, Godaddy if you want to have own site and book the domain and hosting for that and there are many more interest.

Social Media Promotion :-
After sorting down the interest and specific store name you have to visit to their store or brands official website and find out their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, Sinec now a days most of e-commerce portals are sending coupon, discount codes and everything viral via their social media pages.

Become Subscribe :-
After becoming fans now its turn to join and register for the official newsletter by letting your email address and name. So you will get alert for new coupon codes, promotional offers, discount everything via free emails. Most of retailer and store owners sends weekly or daily emails for their currently running offers and discount by which you can save from 5% to even 80% during the time of festival.

Or alternatively you can see Groupon and other daily deals site to get alert for currently active local and online deals and promotional offers.

Monday, October 1, 2012

TempurPedic Coupon Codes

About TempurPedic :-  It is most highly recommended bed in America and largest provider of Mattresses, Beds, Foundations, Mattress Toppers, Sleepers, Pillows, Bed Lines and many more accessories. Their primary goal is to make you sleep comfortable and healthy. Earlier on year 1992 Bob Trussell founded the Tempur-Pedic(R) by meeting with scientist at Denmark.

Active TempurPedic Promo Codes :-

SCHOOL - When you purchase Campus-Toppers you can get Free traditional Pillow of your choice of colors and design.

FREESHEETS or SHEETS Codes- As name implies its Buy one Get one Free offers in which you will get Free sheet.

PILLOW20 - Receive 20% discount on order of Filled, Travel or Contoured Pillows.

TEDDY - For current weeks only, You can get Free large Teddy bear on your entire order $150 or more by using this coupon code.

SLIPPERS - Wow! Get amazing 50%  of saving on purchase of high end Slipper products like TempurPedic Sofas and Chairs.

Currently during the festival time they are offering Free Shipping on your total order of over $150 or more. Please check small offer badge just aside of any product you are going to purchase.

Older TempurPedic Coupon Codes :-

TAKE5OFF - Receive $5 discount on purchase of $75 or more.
MOMFB - Now all the mothers can get chance of Free Shipping on order of any purchase over $100 and plus.
Promo Code - WB30 - Much older don't know working for you, But you should try to get 30% discount.
WFB1 or WFSH or W190 - All the Facebook fans of their official page can get Free Ground Shipping on any type of order. See the offer for minimum purchase details if any.