Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Cbs sportsline march madness At Work brackets

March Madness—At Work

Admit it . You did the work, is not it? You may be done at your desk or in the break room . You may even be done with a colleague or boss .
Do not worry , though. A whole bunch of us .
We watch the NCAA basketball tournament office.
In fact, a recent survey by RetailMeNot found that nearly three out of 10 respondents watch March Madness at work, with nearly 4 in 10 streaming games on their computers !
And who can blame them? March Madness is like Christmas for sports fans, with 67 games in 21 days. Is busters support and buzzer beaters . It is the emotion . This is how - or-die . It is condemned if team play is State U or directional U. grows , it is often striking because it is the State University against directional U.
And for the second and third rounds of the tournament this year Thursday, March 20 and Friday, March 21 is the basketball wall-to- wall with 16 games every day - eight of them during the hours business !
But the work must not interfere . A smartphone, tablet or computer - yes, even the one that sits on your desktop with "Property of MegaCorp " welded to it , allow you to catch the drama Or, as 20 % of men , you can always . have lunch at " a race, press the local bar and be back at your desk in no time .
I spent many days in March glued home games in bars and, yes , work. My first experience with the last second excitement of the tournament came in person at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin , Texas, March 14, 1981 . I sat down - well , stood breathless - in the first row of the upper deck arena when U.S. Reed of Arkansas in an arc of a half-court shot at the buzzer that found the back the net to beat the national champion Louisville.
Several other games have declined over that day , and something that we are now accustomed to events for the first time in the national television coverage of the tournament: viewers across the country have seen the end of all games , not only game viewing in their area.
Almost every year, these spectacular finishes occur. This year should be no different. Remember, do not shout too loud. You can disturb your office colleagues , although chances are, they look too .